As leaders, coaches, and change agents we often have trouble putting ourselves in others’ shoes to help understand their motivations and fears. As a result, we blame others when they don’t see a reason to change something that we think is wrong. We often attribute that to resistance when it’s really just our inability to address THEIR legitimate concerns vs. our own. This can be especially challenging for leaders who have a significant power differential and get watered down feedback from the people they’re leading.

In this workshop we’ll provide an overview of the SCARF model from the NeuroLeadership Institute combined with the System 1 and System 2 model from Daniel Kahneman. Then we’ll dive into an interactive session where we apply these models to your real-life situations. We’ll show you how to craft your messages in a way that resonates with your audience rather than triggering their fears, and we’ll show you how to translate this directly into a platform for change based on safety rather than fear.