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Agile Day Atlanta 2019 Speakers Presentations

Thank you to all of our speakers who presented this year and to all of our attendees who spent the day with us at the 2019 Agile Day Atlanta! Below are the speaker presentations by session for all site visitors and attendees to take back into your communities of practice:

Bob Galen

Principal Agile Coach at Vaco

Brad Hugick & Dan Sloan

Enterprise Coaches at Cox Automotive

Danny Preston

Agile Transformation Consultant

Quincy Jordan

Digital Transformation and Agile Leader

Ben van Glabbeek

VP Bank Solutions, Agile Transformation – Fiserv

Kristopher Kinlen

User Experience Designer

Mark Hill

Kirra Summers

Manager/Agile Coach at CapTech Ventures, Inc

Yvonne Chen

Force Multiplier | Agile Coach

Nilesh Patel

Director of Testing at KMS Technology

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