Agile Day Atlanta 2020 is coming May 8th, 2020

Speaker submissions for Agile Day Atlanta 2020 are now open

What is Agile Day Atlanta?

Agile Day Atlanta is a community-driven, one-day Agile conference. Entering our seventh year, our goal is to continue promoting agile methodologies within the Atlanta Agile community.


Speaker Tracks for Agile Day Atlanta 2020

Track 1: Business & Leadership Agility

Effective leadership unlocks the potential of people. Adapting to change allows leaders and teams to solve market challenges. Leading effectively through change and uncertainty is difficult. This track contains the stories that create clarity..

Track 2: “Fun”damentals

Great agilists are used to giving the manifesto talk or explaining scrum and Kanban for the first time. Story points! This track is dedicated to fun techniques that breathe fresh air into well known topics. Have fun with it!

Track 3: “Communitize”

Dedicated to the communities that make agile hum. Whether you are using Guilds, Communities of Practice, Meetups, or otherwise, this track is dedicated to how to leverage others to create a community that invests their passion and time to make things better for organizations, causes, and learn in the process.

To submit for a session, please click here.